The new problem that Boca Juniors has with Ezequiel Fernández

Boca Juniors is going through a difficult time. They are not in the best way at a sporting level and River Plate is close to being crowned champion of Argentina, which would be a new title for Marcelo Gallardo’s showcases. The project is made to think in the long term, but there are still doubts in the present because there is not enough talent to win at the national level and the Copa Libertadores seems an impossible dream at the moment.

But, beyond the aforementioned, the xeineize set has other problems to solve such as the renewal of Ezequiel Fernandez, one of the most important young promises of the quarry and that ends his contract in June 2022, which has generated that several important teams follow in his footsteps and are aware of his situation to make him an offer, both at the South American and European level.

A renewal that is far from happening

According to TNT Sports, Boca Juniors offered a new contract to Ezequiel Fernández, but the reserve midfielder rejected it and everything seems to indicate that he wants to leave the club to try his luck in other latitudes, taking into account that they can offer him a salary a lot most important and continuity at the first level.

The xeneizes fans are not happy with the situation because it is a promise that it can offer a great performance in the future and that it can leave a lot of money in the club. Letting him go for free would be a mistake for many, even though he is not yet a piece for the first team.

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