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The second Retail Media Congress and trade fair sponsored by Publicis Commerce also took place this year. Retail Media Fairwhich took place as part of the E-Show on October 30th and 31st at Ifema, hosted various presentations and roundtable discussions where leading brands such as retailers, agencies and technology partners shared their vision for the future of the E-Show Retail Media, an advertising model that is already considered the third major wave of digital advertising.

The two days focused on topics such as internationalization, the importance of innovation and new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), commerce media and the challenges facing retail media in 2024.

Maria LazaroHead of development and marketing Digital, Spanish Association of the Digital Economy, shared the results of its latest study on the opportunities and challenges for the digitalization of online sales. Among the most important data, Lázaro noted the growth of the digital economy in Spain: in 2022 it reached 22.6% of GDP. The estimated direct impact of the digital economy on GDP in 2022 is 11.2%, 0.3 points more than in 2020 and 2.2 points more than in 2019. An impact of 40% is expected to be achieved by 2030.

Another notable data is that Spain is making progress in digital competitiveness. In fact, our country ranks first among major European economies in very high capacity network coverage: 93% of people had access to very high capacity fixed networks.

The report also highlighted the importance of digitalization also reaching small and medium-sized companies in order to increase the productivity of the Spanish economy, which is more fragmented than the European average. Although Spanish SMEs are above the European average in four of the nine parameters the European Union uses to measure digital maturity, they lag behind the average when it comes to innovation.

As for e-commerce, the data shows an increase in Spain of more than 31%, representing a contribution of 5.42% to Spanish GDP. 29% of Spanish SMEs sell online. Demand for sustainability is also increasing: 53% of consumers say they are concerned about the environmental impact of online shopping; and 43% are willing to pay more for sustainable delivery. In addition, María Lázaro explained: “The gap between generations is narrowing as there are more and more elderly people”, and, in relation to the demand for sustainability, reiterated: “E-commerce companies are ensuring this digitalization in Spain. We believe it is necessary that there is a “new governance structure that promotes regulation and citizenship.”

Innovation and AI

Artificial intelligence was also one of the key topics due to its great advances and applications. On this occasion, Publicis Groupe has dealt with all of this and integration with Amazon and other digital sales sites in the e-retail sector. In this sense, AI helps reduce human error, risk control, objective decision-making, pattern recognition, speed, repetition, digital support or 24-hour availability, but it also presents challenges, including high costs and dependency. of data, limited creativity and repetition.

Another round table they attended Abel OteroHead of Performance & CRM HOPE; And Nacho CarnesMarketing Manager Trasquilá ladybugthey talked about how to master the leap into internationalization. The experts emphasized the importance of knowing and analyzing the markets, since even the product is not the same and the challenge is to know if I am strategically and technologically prepared to go to other markets and also take into account the costs.

Retail media and mass consumption were also discussed. At a round table they attended Jesus Sancho CubinoHead of Retail Media Carrefour connects Spain; Eva Zaeradeputy director of digital commercial development of Coca Cola Europacific Partners; And Adriana SellesDigital Business Director Iberia Danone; Retail media has been discussed as a digital solution that allows advertising impact to be generated from a retailer or marketplace’s assets, be it through its website, app or even in physical stores. The experts also emphasized the commitment to new advertising models such as retail media and Importance of data and its ability to cross channels.

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