"The Beatles: Get Back", the British band’s first official book since "The Beatles Anthology" (2000), will be published on October 12 in the United Kingdom and other countries and on October 13 in Spanish.

In its 240 pages tells the story of the album’s creation "Let it be" by The Beatles (published in 1970), through the transcribed conversations of more than 120 hours of recording of the band’s studio sessions, edited by John Harris.

According to a statement released this Friday by Libros Cúpula, Grupo Planeta’s music label, it also has hundreds of unpublished images, including some signed by celebrated rock photographer Ethan A. Russell and Linda McCartney.

It also includes a foreword by Peter Jackson, who has directed the feature-length documentary of the same name, which will premiere at the end of November on Disney +.

The original conversations for three weeks in 1969 between John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr They culminate in their historic final concert on the roof of their own Apple Corps office building, which would bring central London to a standstill.

The general opinion is that these sessions were a dark time for a band that was falling apart, but novelist Hanif Kureishi assures in the introduction of "The Beatles: Get Back" that "in fact, this was a productive moment for them, when they created some of their best work.".

"It is here that we are privileged to witness their early drafts, the mistakes, the deviations and digressions, the boredom, the excitement, the joy, and the sudden breakthroughs that led to the work we now know and admire.", Add.




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