The new Netflix film with Luis Gerardo Méndez and director

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Netflix will once again collaborate with Luis Gerardo Méndez, who will direct and star in the film “Technoboys”. Here are the details.

The streaming platforms will definitely not make us bored as they will release very big productions this year. However, the vast majority are also planning many projects for the future. This is the case Netflix, which will once again collaborate with Luis Gerardo Méndez in a brand new title.

It’s no secret to anyone that the streaming giant and the Mexican actor have done very cool things. Ravens Club, Crime And Belascoaran These are just a few of the service’s productions where Luis Gerardo shined. However, On this occasion, both of them are working hand in hand on a film for which we have great expectations.

Luis Gerardo Méndez on the set of “Belascoarán” / Photo: Netflix

Luis Gerardo Méndez will star and direct “Technoboys”, the new Netflix film

It turns out that Netflix announced a new project called Techonoboys with much fanfare. Is about a film in which Luis Gerardo Méndez himself will play the main role. But not only that, because this film will also be his debut as a director for the platform, so it’s very special.

As if it wasn’t enough to have Luis Gerardo at the helm of this production and as the main actor, They will have Gerardo Gatica as co-director (who has worked on titles like I’m not here anymoreI or museum). And as you’ll see, this project is very special for the Mexican actor, and boy, did he make it clear as they had a lot of fun with the idea of ​​taking the spot behind the camera.

“Technoboys”: The new Netflix film with Luis Gerardo Méndez and director
Luis Gerardo Méndez will debut as a director in “Technoboys” / Photo: Netflix

“Since my first film 20 years ago, I have felt a deep curiosity to be on the other side of the camera. I’ve always been very open with my directors about this desire to direct, and they’ve all been incredibly generous with their insights over the years. “I was fortunate to have great mentors who helped me make this leap.”, explained Luis Gerardo Méndez in a statement about directing Technoboys.

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And what is this film about?

To give you an idea of ​​how things will be, Technoboys focuses on the story of a boy band consisting of Luis Gerardo Méndez that, after years of topping the charts, They return to the stage to claim their throne in the world of pop.

But on the way to success, They will be faced with a changing world that they barely understand, because things are very different in the music industry. The fear of cancellation, the return of their techno-merengue archenemies, the hidden intentions of main singer Alan and the real reason for his return are just some of the situations they have to deal with.

“Technoboys”: The new Netflix film with Luis Gerardo Méndez and director
In “Technoboys” Luis Gerardo Méndez becomes a member of a boy band that returns after a long period of silence/Photo: Netflix

Currently, Netflix has not confirmed the official release date of Technoboys. However, they revealed that The film, directed and starred by Luis Gerardo Méndez, will be added to the catalog in 2024. As you will see, this year we will have a new film starring some of our country’s most important talents.

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