The new midfielder that Xavi requested from Barcelona

Xavi Hernández, known for his preference for versatile and talented footballers, seems to have his eye on Álex Baena, a versatile player who is part of Villarreal’s squad. According to Què T’hi Jugues, the Blaugrana coach feels a strong affinity for Baena, who is also an enthusiastic culé player. However, Barcelona’s financial constraints could be an obstacle to realizing the young footballer’s dream.

Álex Baena is contracted to Villarreal until June 30, 2028, and according to the radio show, any attempt to sign him would require a significant investment, possibly in the region of €20-30 million.

What makes Baena so attractive to Xavi is his versatility on the field, as Sport newspaper points out. The young player can play various positions, from the base of midfield to interior positions, including midfielder and left winger. He can even act as a striker in the attack line. This season he took part in 19 games, scoring four goals, one of them most memorable against Barcelona on matchday three of that season, and providing six assists.

There is no money to sign him at the moment

Although Álex Baena’s desire to join Barcelona seems clear, the Catalan club’s financial situation could be a deciding factor in making this transfer happen. Although Xavi Hernández sees him as a promising and versatile player, the investment required could be a major challenge for Barcelona in these economically uncertain times.

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