San Lorenzo is still mired in trouble. The groups convened for today at the Av. La Plata property to demonstrate against the leadership. “We call on all the members and fans of San Lorenzo to demonstrate on Thursday the 12th at 7:00 p.m. on Avenida La Plata, the place and time in which the Assembly of Representatives should have been held. Because if they do not dare to show their faces, we will Av. La Plata, we are going the same way,” quoted the group Con el alma en Boedo.

The organization pointed against the management of Lammens-Tinelli and, in other matters, they accuse that professional men’s soccer has a deficit of 14 million dollars.

After the resignation -via social networks- of Marcelo Tinelli and the announcement of early elections, the Board of Directors met to design the steps to follow. But the meeting was not fruitful: the leaders suspended the Assembly of Representatives scheduled for today, they are still unable to accept the television host’s resignation since there was no formal presentation, and the opposition called for a new demonstration on Avenida La Plata to denounce the mismanagement in the club.

From the Board of Directors they indicated that Tinelli will have time until tomorrow to ratify or rectify his decision. If he does not answer it will be taken as a ratification of his resignation. Given this, the opposition member César Francis raised the need to set a date for the early elections, as Lammens expressed in his public letter. In the ruling party they warned that they should wait for the response of the former president of the Professional Soccer League and set a meeting for Monday to discuss elections.


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