The new MacBook Pros will have the best Apple computer screen ever

Apple announced today that the Unleashed event will take place on Monday, October 18. Although the company has not confirmed the content of this event, it is almost certain that it will be played by the new MacBook Pro.

A few days before that event, we have some very interesting information about the screen of the new MacBook Pro. Everything indicates that the new laptops will have the same screen as the iPad Pro.

MacBook Pro with mini-LED display and 120 Hz refresh rate

The data is revealed by display analyst Ross Young and points to the inclusion of a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Added to this is the use of mini-LED technology widely advocated by other analysts related to the Apple world.

Yes, the new 14 “and 16” MacBook Pros will have miniLEDs and we believe they will have a 120Hz update as well.

– Ross Young (@DSCCRoss) October 12, 2021

This will be possible because Apple will use the same technology used in the iPad Pro. The vendors will be the same and the associated technologies as well, resulting in the best screen ever on a MacBook.

If the inclusion of the mini-LED display was almost taken for granted, the surprise lies in its 120 Hz refresh rate.

It remains to be seen what update interval the new MacBook Pros will be entitled to. This detail was omitted by Ross Young, but considering that it will have the same technology as the iPad Pro, it is expected to fluctuate between 24 Hz and 120 Hz.

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Macbook Pro

This means that the screen will refresh 24 or 120 times per second depending on the content being displayed. For the user, it will result in a smoother viewing experience when the screen reaches its maximum refresh rate.

According to various rumors, two models with 14 and 16-inch screen will be presented. In addition to a better use of the body in the smaller model, we will have the transition to Apple Silicone processors.

Everything indicates that the M1X will be presented, equipped with 10 processing cores and 16 or 32 graphics cores. It will be a significant leap compared to the current M1 found in the 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

All details will be clarified when presenting these teams. The event will start at 6pm in Lisbon and you can watch it live on Youtube, on the Apple website or on Apple TV +.

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