Home Sports The new Italian club that wants to sign Marcos Acuña

The new Italian club that wants to sign Marcos Acuña

The new Italian club that wants to sign Marcos Acuña

Torino joins the list of clubs interested in signing Argentine winger Marcos Acuña for a sum of 7 million euros. While Sevilla is still waiting for the resolution of the situation in its sports management, with the possible departure of Monchi, the Italian club has shown interest in the player. However, the operation is stopped due to the requirement to pay the termination clause of the manager.

Despite the uncertainty in the sporting management of Sevilla, the club must continue its planning and movement in the transfer market for next season. In this context, there are players who could leave, and Acuña is one of them. Torino have emerged as a new suitor willing to offer 7 million euros for the Argentine full-back, according to ‘Tuttosport’.

The new Italian club that wants to sign Marcos Acuña

Acuña, who will turn 32 in October and is in the final year of his contract, could consider a win-win exit. Although this would mean that Sevilla would have to look for reinforcements, since Alex Telles must return to Manchester United. The club has already secured the signing of Pedrosa from Espanyol for the left back, although it has not yet been made official. However, Acuña’s departure would require additional investment in that position.

The Argentine player has shown great character and performance, which has aroused the interest of various clubs in the past. Recently, he has been linked to Atlético de Madrid, and in January it was Lopetegui’s Wolverhampton who showed interest in him. However, during that period doubts arose about his commitment, since he was more focused on the World Cup and missed some games due to alleged injuries, something that the fans and the club did not like. Other clubs that are following the Argentine are Atlético de Madrid and AC Milan.

Marcos Acuña’s situation is still developing, and it will be interesting to see how his future is resolved in the coming days. Both Sevilla and Torino are evaluating the possibilities and negotiating the terms of a possible transfer.

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