The ‘new help’ that PSG will receive to sign Messi without problems

As reported by journalist Miguel Blázquez on his twitter account, the PSG He is authorized to skip the Financial Fair Play until the summer of 2023, so he will be able to make important signings without caring about the rules of the competition and taking advantage of his situation to build a team that is impossible to defeat.

The reason for this is that France wants to do a favor to Qatar (host of the next World Cup). The committee in charge of controlling the Financial Fiar Play has decided not to apply economic sanctions until the summer of 2023, so that all teams have the possibility of making signings regardless of their income.

Without rules

The problem with all this is that the PSG It is a club that is financed by its owners, who invest an impressive amount of money to incorporate renowned players and regardless of the money they enter through other channels. It is a state club, which is managed differently from most clubs in Europe.

The flexibility of Ligue 1 will make it easier for PSG to close the signing of Lionel messi, despite the fact that it emerged in the last hours that the club would have received a lawsuit due to the fact that it has exceeded this norm last season. But everything seems to indicate that nothing will change.

PSG plays by other rules. It has the ability to incorporate top-level players regardless of the money they invest or the contracts they establish. Only in this summer they have already signed Gianluigi Donnarumma, Achraf Hakimi, Sergio Ramos and Goerginio WIjnaldum, and everything seems to indicate that Messi will become their new star for next season. And at the same time, they won’t have to make sales this summer. Mbappé will run out of problems and will be part of a club of stars for another year. A scandal.


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