The new Fútbol Emotion membership community has more than one and a half million users

football emotiona leading specialist in the sale of football equipment in Southern Europe, offers new exclusive services to its member community. With the aim of providing footballers and fans with a comprehensive and enriching experience. To achieve this, they have their community under the name “Member«the best community of athletes following the goal of Fútbol Emotion: “Be the best”. Creating a strong ecosystem based on four pillars: Product, Experience, Content and Services.

The member offers a full experience 365 days a year. Help soccer lovers pursue their passion and improve at their favorite sport, both on and off the pitch. With the best advice and analysis of market news.

The company saw strong growth in its customer database by transitioning from its old “e-club” partner system, where only a subset of its customers could enjoy these benefits, to its new “members” community. to which all his belong Customers have access. The member currently has a community of more than one and a half million active users (+600% compared to the e-club). who can enjoy the benefits of being Member from the Fútbol Emotion community.

Fútbol Emotion’s omnichannel ecosystem has offered a number of exclusive benefits to members of its community. These benefits include, but are not limited to, early access to products, exclusive content, unique experiences, and specialized services such as health programs in collaboration with its partners. In addition, Fútbol Emotion has renewed its focus on sustainability, including the e-ticket as one of the brand’s novelties, demonstrating its commitment to the environment and the comfort of its customers.

Member focuses its services on four pillars: Product, Content, Experiences and Services. Members have access to a range of free and paid benefits tailored to them. From birthday gifts to changes without a ticket, exclusive content based on your purchases and preferences… In addition to being able to live unique experiences, attend events with football players and influencers, access product tests or participate in Academy training services. and competition.

Member was created to bring together all the Fútbol Emotion services available to the customer (B2C). It is also integrated with the club ecosystem (B2C), so all players in a customer club can automatically become members. And because of that, they have access to all the benefits.

Kings League event for members

As one of the novelties that this new community brings, highlights access to exclusive events. The latest product highlighted by the company was developed in its Alcorcón store on July 28th. More than 200 members enjoyed the presence of seven Kings League Presidents just 24 hours before the Final Four.

During this exciting event, the team presidents personalized their respective teams’ jerseys, giving them a touch of exclusivity and transforming them into unique garments. The members present had the opportunity to connect with these sports leaders and show their support ahead of the grand finals of this revolutionary league that is changing all systems in the world of football.

With its focus on delivering unique and exclusive experiences, Fútbol Emotion has strengthened its position as a leader in its sector and demonstrated its commitment to satisfying the needs of its most passionate customers and fans. The continued growth of his community is a testament to his success and ability to provide exceptional service to the world of football.

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