The new forward that Cádiz CF wants after the rejection of Maxi Gómez

The signing of Maxi Gómez excited the fans of Cádiz CF, who saw that the club was finally going to get a top-level player so as not to struggle for permanence like last season

Several days ago we heard the news that he Cadiz CF I was working on the signing of maxi gomez. The Uruguayan international, with experience in LaLiga after having gone through Celta or Valencia CF, had become the big surprise on the market in the Cádiz team, which seemed to have the advantage to get the signing of the Uruguayan striker.

However, in the last hours the situation has changed. From what we have been able to learn, the Uruguayan has rejected the proposal from the Cádiz team by failing to satisfy his economic claims. That is why, after Maxi Gómez’s refusal to sign for Cádiz CFthe sports management has set its sights on another player.

Maxi Gómez was the favorite option for Cádiz CF
Maxi Gómez has rejected the financial proposal of the Cádiz club

The striker that Cádiz CF wants after Maxi Gómez’s no

After knowing that Maxi Gómez will not wear the yellow shirt next season, the Cadiz team has set its sights on a striker who has had a disappointing year at Lille. He joined the French team last summer after paying 14 million euros, but this season he has only played 634 minutes of play.

On this occasion, The player Cádiz CF has been interested in is Mohamed Bayo, 25 years old. After shining at Clermont he took one of the great leaps of his career last summer, but his experience at Lille has not gone as he expected. That is why the French team is willing to listen to offers for him.

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Mohamed Bayo, the same problem for Cádiz CF

However, and although the interest of Cádiz CF is realThe operation is not easy at all. Lille, despite not being happy with the player at all, are not thinking of giving him away. If he leaves, the French club’s idea is to recover part of the investment made last summer. That is why at the moment the two parties are very far from reaching an agreement.

In fact, the option of getting Mohamed Bayo on loan doesn’t seem feasible either. At least at the moment, because if the footballer continues without receiving offers, the situation could change. Be that as it may, Cádiz CF will have to continue looking for alternatives after the refusals of Maxi Gómez and Mohamed Bayo. And it is that the arrival of a striker who improves what there is is an absolute priority.

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