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The new collections of Santi Maratea

The new collections of Santi Maratea

The influencer Santi Maratea, it is known, heads a collection to save Independiente from its delicate financial situation and thus collect the 20 million dollars that the Avellaneda club has in debt. But in addition to this laudable (and controversial?) action aimed at the financial rescue of Red, Maratea, will start a new campaign today to raise funds to acquire:

  • 40 packets of lime tea for relaxing purposes to ease the nerves of those expelled in the Superclásico (Palavecino, Centurión, Gómez, Merentiel, Valentini and Equi Fernández) and, fundamentally, to avoid new and embarrassing scandals, similar to those that gave us (without being asked) in the last minutes of the game.
  • Several round-trip plane tickets to Israel with a tour to the famous Wailing Wall for the most exalted footballers of Boca, so that they make use of it against the referee Darío Herrera.
  • A pack of 5 new red cards for the aforementioned referee Herrera, because he spent them all in the superclassic, in that unusual festival of shoving, insults, kicks and slaps.
  • Two months of sessions with a renowned psychologist for the River Plate soccer player Agustín Palavecino to reflect on the reason for his gratuitous provocation of the Boquense soccer players, after Borja’s goal.
  • A dozen costumes for Hugo and Pablo Moyano and other members of the previous management of Independiente because, for a while, they will not be able to return to the Libertadores de América stadium with their faces uncovered.
  • And since we are talking about costumes, a mask with the face of Andrés Ibarra, candidate for president of Boca, for Mauricio Macri since he plans to resume command of the xeneize club hidden, of course, behind the facade of this unknown leader.
  • Unemployment insurance for the ten coaches who, due to the poor results obtained, were fired from their respective positions so far in this championship: Ibarra in Boca, Saralegui in Colón, Balbo in Estudiantes de la Plata, Medina in Vélez, Stillitano in Independiente, Munúa in Unión de Santa Fe, Flores in Godoy Cruz, De Paoli in Barracas Central and, as of this last date: Dabove in Huracán and Sanguinetti in Banfield.
  • And because they deserve it, in the collection we include the value of a couple of tickets to Italy, so that Dalma and Giannina Maradona go to celebrate the recent Napoli Scudetto in the name of who will surely be celebrating it in a sky as blue as the jersey of that dear tano club.

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