The New Bernabéu accelerates

Real Madrid does not rest for Christmas. Players enjoy a few days of vacation after a first stretch of the course full of matches, But at the club they take advantage of these Christmas days to give an acceleration to the works of the New Bernabéu, because without games (the next at home is January 8 against Valencia) different aspects can be advanced that normally, with meetings every week, they are more complicated. The workers have not stopped during the holidays and work continues day and night on the remodeling of the stadium.

One of the aspects that will be most affected these days is in the stands of the east and north, with the aim of being able to increase the capacity of the stadium for the match against PSG in the Champions League, next March 9. Where you will not be able to make too much progress is in the west and south stands, which are the ones that will be key for the removal of the retractable lawn.

It must be remembered that the expected date for the new field to be released is the end of the year 2022, Therefore, each football break is used to accelerate the works and meet the deadlines. The construction of the roof that will give a new dimension to the Bernabéu is also making steady progress. It is not ruled out that it may be ready even for the start of the next season, because in the summer it will be possible to advance a lot due to the absence of sporting events.

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Other novelties such as the parking lot through which the team buses will access or the luxurious restaurant that will be located in the fourth amphitheater are also progressing at a good pace and the parking lot could even be ready in the coming weeks.

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