They were nine victories in eleven games. The braking may come here or be a short stop, but the Nets clearly want to make things clear where they can. In the Garden it is not a bad place. The Celtics came with a positive streak and had just recovered Jaylen Brown for the battle, but it was of little use to the locals. This time the Nets did visit the city without Kyrie Irving out of obligation, but Durant and Harden were joined by the Mills of the first days, the one with the many triples, and together they disarmed the green team.

Only the Celtics won the fourth quarter and by a small margin. All the advantage was already taken and by the opposing team. The Nets’ success, only slightly clouded on free throws, collided with Boston’s misses, where their two stars missed eight 3-pointers each.. With the lack of wisdom in the launches, also exemplified by Schröder, they never reached the height of Brooklyn, which only had to add little by little.

Durant, with 21 points, was the protagonist when he got into the top-25 of all-time scorers in the NBA by beating Allen Iverson. But it wasn’t the leading scorer, that was Patty Mills and her 23 points. Among the secondary players, the role of substitute Cam Thomas surprised, who played 25 minutes and contributed 13 points. With few wickers, since Irving was joined by other casualties like Griffin’s, they already did a lot against the Celtics. In fact they touched the thirty of advantage. In the last quarter, thanks to a strong push, they lowered to -12 which ended up being the best they could get. The Nets, who add four in a row and seven in eight games, were not hindered to close the game quietly in the fiefdom of what remains one of the most important championship candidates in their conference.


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