Nobody especially follows the matches of the Dutch men’s team. The women’s has won a World Cup, and paints a lot on the international scene in the last decade, but they are in their second participation in a European Championship, yes, in a row. In the national press his selection does not monopolize more than some loose with a relief is minor. And, suddenly, it is the country that can put the success of the Hungarian oraginzadores in a bind, who after the first game have been left without a cushion to mitigate any error.

At the opening, and before the 20,000 spectators at the Budapest Arena, the Magyars skated with the Netherlands: 28-31. “It’s a historic victory for us,” commented the coach of the tulips, Erlingur Richardsson, an Icelander, who precisely this Sunday is measured against the one who is his origin and passport, (20:30) in Budapest.

In reality, the oranges have begun to show signs that something is moving in their handball a few years ago, beyond a discreet national league, and Luc Steins, at 1.72 meters, the shortest player in the tournament, plays for PSG, which is synonymous with quality. Full-back Kay Smits (1.85) plays for Magdeburg and debuted with 11 goals in his first game. Dani BaijonsBobby SchagenBart Ravenshergen…are also enrolled in Bundelisga clubs.

In the preparation, the tulips chororon with the virus, and were left out of the team Ephrahim Jerry (right back, 1.96 ex-Kadetten) and Florent Bourgent (of French origin), infected, and they also had to cancel a friendly match with Sweden. That is to say, they appeared on tiptoe and without anyone noticing this newcomer to the high-level international concert, and yet, It can leave Hungary in the gutter, which plays this Sunday against Portugal and then against Iceland, forced to win both games. And although the Magyar sports aspect is in the air, much more so the accounting one, because filling a 20,000-seat pavilion, in the midst of a pandemic, and without the hosts in the running, is going to be complicated.


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