The Netherlands is banning mobile phones in the classroom

The Netherlands is going to ban mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches in the classroom. From January 1, 2024, these materials will be banned in the classroom. This initiative is being taken to reduce confusion during teaching. News – The Guardian

The Netherlands Ministry of Education says the use of these devices will only be permitted when they are specifically needed. For example, digital skills can be used during lessons, for medical reasons or for people with disabilities.

In this regard, Education Minister Robert Dijkgraaf said that although mobile phones are part of our lives, they do not belong in the classroom.

He said that this decision will increase the attention of students in the classroom and create opportunities for better teaching.

Dijkgraf said mobile phones are a nuisance. Scientific studies show this. We have to protect our students against this.

He said the ban was the result of an agreement between the ministry, schools and related agencies.

Schools can find their own way to effectively implement the ban, the education minister said, but if it doesn’t produce enough results by the summer of 2024, legal rules will follow.

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