The Netherlands extradites Russian crypto money launderer to the United States

Denis Mihaqlovice Dubnikov, an alleged crypto money launderer, is extradited by the Netherlands to the United States. This was announced by theDepartment of Justice‘. The 29-year-old Russian is due to appear in court in Portland, Oregon on October 4.

Dubnikov has already made an appearance in court this week. So on October 4, the trial starts and will last five days. If Dubnikov is actually found guilty, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

The Department of Justice press release describes how Dubnikov and his accomplices are suspected of laundering ransom payments. Payments they received after the Ryuk ransomware to attack. This Ryuk ransomware is a software that has targeted thousands of victims worldwide. With these attacks, Dubnikov is said to have laundered more than $400,000. This is part of a much larger conspiracy that has stolen a total of about $70 million in ransom.

“After receiving ransom payments, Ryuk members, Dubnikov and his accomplices and others involved in the plot are said to have carried out various financial transactions. This includes international financial transactions to conceal the nature, source, location, ownership and control of ransom proceeds.”

crypto hacks

Last week on Crypto Insiders you could read how crypto hacks had increased, according to SonicWall’s data. The crypto security company even spoke of a record crypto thefts in January. In that month, $18.4 million was obtained from crypto hacks.

In earlier altcoin news it was also announced how Solana (SOL) was hit by a hack. With the hack, 20 wallets affected per minute.

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We have been in a so-called bear market. For most people this means little or no profit, but criminals don’t care. Expressed in dollars, crypto crime has decreased somewhat in the meantime, but the transaction volume has increased.

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