The Nelson Cruz Boat GP will be dedicated to Espaillat and Thomas

The Nelson Cruz International Speedboat Grand Prix, which will take place in August on this coast, will have a special dedication to communication entrepreneurs Antonio Espaillat and Manuel Thomas.

This was announced by the general director of the competition, Danilo Cruz, who is also an international coordinator, and the president of the Dominican Speedboat Confederation, Juan -Seyaka- Jiménez, technical director, who considered that they are a worthy and great representation of communication entrepreneurs in the country.

Regarding Espaillat, president of Radio Cadena Comercial, they highlighted that he is a giant of communication, always concerned about social welfare, sports and society in general.

While about Thomas, president of the Thomas Radio and TV group, from Santiago Rodríguez, with more than 60 years of work in social and sports on the Northwest Line, he is the father of communication in general, providing opportunity to hundreds of professionals in the microphone and community entities.

Cruz and Jiménez agreed that Espaillat and Thomas deserve the dedication, since they are mainstays of communication in the country.

“The work of each one of them is highly known for their seriousness, chivalry and their interest in the social, sports and community good of our society,” they highlighted.

Antonio Espaillat and Manuel Thomas will also receive special recognition, as reported.

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