The NBA investigates Ja Morant for appearing with a gun in a strip club

Ja Morant’s extra-sports actions do not go unnoticed. The player of the grizzliesaccused a few months ago of hitting a minor in a basketball game, will be investigated by the NBA for display a gun during an Instagram live in a club striptease.

the basis of 23 years he was in a nightclub shirtless during the live on this social platform. During the broadcast, shirtless women could be seen passing from behind. This event does not come alone, since last week a police report came out where, allegedly, he pointed a knife at a 17-year-old teenager in Tennessee.

The clip in the club striptease It went viral at the moment, and was published on all social networks. The NBA has decided to open an investigation, as they could point out shams charaniajournalist from The Athletic and Adrian Wojnarowskiof ESPN.

NBA spokesman Mike Bassdid not hesitate to comment on it: “We are aware of the publications of the rsocial networks involving Ja Morant and we are investigating”. The Grizzlies star has been more in the spotlight for extra-sports actions what moments inside the courts in recent months and the league will take action on the matter.

The Memphis franchise did not take long to announce the suspension of the player for what happened. The team has claimed that They will separate Morant for at least the next two games (duels before Clippers and lakers in Los Angeles).

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