The national championship begins with the participation of 14 provinces

Last Saturday the National Women’s Chess Championship 2023 was inaugurated, with the participation of the best 24 athletes from all over the national territory, during the opening ceremony held in the Pachón Matos Rivera hall of the Dominican Chess Federation.

The welcome words were given by the president of the Dominican Chess Federation Pedro Domínguez Brito, highlighting that the celebration of this national event has the participation of representatives from 14 provinces, while Rafael Cucho Abreu of the National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD) on behalf of Vice Admiral José Manuel Cabrera Ulloa was in charge of the main speech.

Hadeline Matos Castillo, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Public Administration (MAP), was in charge of the words of motivation and Lohadis Ureña, Director of Strategy of the National Drug Council, who was on behalf of President Jaime Marte Martínez spoke to those present with an anti-drug prevention discourse.

Matos Castillo made the kick-off with Ureña, acting as referee Braulio Ramirez President of the Organizing Committee.

Bolívar González, from the National Drug Council, Nelsy Madrina from Ajedrez Femenino, Braulio Ramírez, president of the Organizing Committee, Elvis Duarte, Vice Minister of Sports, Santos Kennedy Vargas, Vice Minister of Sports, Benny Metz, were also present during the opening ceremony. Vice Minister of the Presidency, who formed the main table during the opening ceremony.

The sporting event will last until Sunday, April 2 and will be played in 8 rounds under the Swiss system with a time rhythm of 90 minutes plus a 30-second increase for each player, the technical direction is in charge of Monitor Wilfredo Paulino accompanied by Nelson Ortiz Pascual and Benjamín Henríquez Trinidad.

The National Master Wilsaida Diaz is the leader of the tournament accumulating 4 out of 4 possible, defeated in the fourth round with black pieces the National Master Patricia Castillo who went on to occupy the second position, while the third position is for Manyeli Jiménez Martínez de Sánchez Ramirez.

The chess games of the first 10 tables are being broadcast live on the and platforms, which ensures the following of thousands of people from all over the world.

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