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The name of this person came out as the reason for Samantha’s divorce, he himself said: what is the relationship with the actress?

The separation of Samantha and Naga Chaitanya has come to the fore as shocking news for their fans and those close to them. Recently, both created a scandal on social networks by announcing their separation. There was already a lot of news in the media about the breakdown of their marriage but no one had thought that it would be true. However, the reason why the two got divorced has yet to be revealed.

Various reports claimed that Samantha got divorced due to her growing closeness to her stylist Pritam Juklekar. Now Pritam himself has broken the silence on these reports. Pritam said in an interview that he is deeply saddened by Naga Chaitanya’s silence on this issue. Pritam further said that Samantha is like his sister and he calls her Jiji. Pritam said, I call Samantha GG, which means sister in North India, so how can there be links between us? I have known Chaitanya for years. He also knows what kind of relationship I share with Samantha. I should have said something about this so that people don’t make such comments about me and Samantha and spread false rumors, I think even a statement from Chaitanya would have forced people not to think of anything bad.

The name of Naga Chaitanya and Samantha of this person came out as the reason for the divorce, he said to himself: what is the relationship with the actress?

Pritam further said that he is also receiving a lot of indecent messages on social media pages, which has greatly affected his mental health, but that he will support Samantha. Let us tell you that Samantha and Naga Chaitanya broke up on October 2, four days before their fourth anniversary.


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