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The name is Villa in The Sky, it has received the award for Best Housing, look how John Abraham’s house is!

The name is Villa in The Sky, it has received the award for Best Housing, look how John Abraham's house is!

Bollywood stars live in luxurious houses. Those that are luxurious are expensive and nothing is missing in these houses. From Shahrukh Khan’s Mannat to Katrina Kaif’s beachfront apartment. Every celebrity’s home is special and everyone has left no stone unturned to decorate her dream home, but in all of these, the most different is John Abraham House. John lives in a very beautiful penthouse apartment called Villa In The Sky. In this beautiful house, John lives comfortably with his wife Priya Runchal. Why is John Abraham’s house so special, let us tell you.

The specialty of the house of John Abraham is that it is as simple as it is beautiful. John has designed this house the way he wanted it. According to John, the house reflects your personality, so by seeing this house, John can be known up close. John has designed the house simply and has taken care of what he loves. This house is a penthouse facing the sea, from where you can see the beautiful view of the Arabian Sea. From his bedroom there is a beautiful view of the sea, which makes his house even more special. John likes to play chess, so there is a bee in the house, there is a spacious living room. At the same time, fitness addict John has also built his own gym. Where he spends most of his time, if John has to spend time, then he spends time in this area.

John Abraham’s house is on the seventh and eighth floors. There is an open terrace on the seventh floor area from where you can see the beautiful view. The special thing is that along with choosing him, John has also fully taken care of Vastu Shastra in the house. Made of ultra modern technology, this house gives a feeling of class. This is why this house was selected by the Indian Institute of Architectural Design in the Best Home category and John’s house has also been awarded. Everything is present in this house that gives a person a feeling of fulfillment. That is why John is so loved by this house where he lives a happy life.


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