A “letter” has solved the mystery of the murder of a woman in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.

According to Indian media, the woman was found dead in her house on May 5 in Ghaziabad. At the scene, it appeared that the woman had been killed for resisting the robbery.

However, when the police thoroughly investigated the matter, they found a “letter” which solved the murder case.

Police found a letter in the diary of the murdered woman Shanti, written by the victim in the name of Hanuman ji. This uncovered many things.

In the letter, it is mentioned that Musa had an illicit relationship with the woman’s husband and wrote that the in-laws used to harass her like this.

Police have arrested the victim’s husband and his brother-in-law after interrogation and recovered some items including jewelery worth Rs 49,000 and more than Rs 200,000 from their possession.

According to Ghaziabad police, the post-mortem report of the woman revealed the presence of poison in the body along with strangulation.

Police said that the victim had written in the letter that it all started with her 10 days after the marriage and her family members used to beat her.