The Movistar Students is redeemed

Movistar Estudiantes got rid of the bad taste of its unfortunate season premiere in Lleida. He showed muscle, offensive potential, speed in transitions to break to the Ourense Basketball Club (104-86). The ingredients with which Javier Rodríguez wants to cook the college system… although we had to wait until the hurricane in the third quarter to see it.

In those ten minutes, the Ramirians created panic among the Galicians, who were completely overwhelmed by their rival’s exterior accuracy (5 of 8) and the points with almost no seconds in possession. The partial speaks for itself: 24-0 in just 5 minutes, from 55-48 to 79-48 with Kevin Larsen leading the way. 30-6 in 8 minutes. The Danish center closed with 18 points (2 of 3 from the triple), 6 rebounds and 2 assists for a PIR of 25. Along with him, Karamo Jawara (10) and Hansel Atencia, who took the helm due to the accumulation of fouls by Leimanis and went from less to more. He had 17 points and 5 assists. From the outside (3 of 6) and with exquisite penetrations.

With that +31 the duel was closed and Rodríguez allowed himself to give rest to his big names like Larsen and Jawara who did not step on the court anymore. He listened only a little when the confrontation got a little crazy. And he gave minutes to Héctor Alderete, who requires cuddles to gain confidence; to Emil Stoilov, the future, and to Leo Demétrio who needs to convince himself and the rest that there are still many points in his hands.

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Despite this apparent ease, this great advantage, the people of Madrid had to sweat until the break. Although at first it seemed not. The Estu shot out before the newly promoted. With Jawara and Jorgensen (great performance) as novelties in the starting five with respect to Barris Nord, They put the +8 advantage (19-11) in just five minutes. Everything flowed… except the defense. Assignment changes after blocking were a gold mine for the visitors in the first half, who searched again and again for that blind spot. The outside success of former Madrid youth player Paco del Águila tied the duel at 27.

Larsen had to come to the rescue. With Aboubacar endorsing the zone, the Nordic pulled the stripes and six points in a row from him and four from Atencia plus the cataract of losses from Ourense (10 at halftime) allowed Movistar to go 6 up (48-42) after the second quarter. Then the storm would arrive and the first of the course surpassing the barrier of 100. There is still a lot of room for improvement, but there is no better way to regain confidence.

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