The movement that Atlético expects to swallow with Carrasco’s demands

 Athletic News |  The signing that is required to let Carrasco out

The Belgian winger is putting excessive pressure on the mattress team to accept his departure to FC Barcelona once and for all as a bargaining chip for the signing of Memphis Depay

The Athletic has tired of carrasco or vice versa. It is not very well known if the chicken or the eggs came first. The fact is that we have gone from being a global and decisive crack in 2021 so that those of Simeone They won the league and now in 2023 they want to leave through the back door.

Gossip says that Gil Marín offered to carrasco a new contract in Athletic after proclaiming champions. However, it was all a hoax and the player has been very upset ever since. So much so that, when he has started to sound for FC Barcelona, ​​his commitment has taken a radical turn.

Yannick Carrasco wants to leave Atlético

Carrasco wants to leave Atlético

Carrasco wants to leave and he has let Atlético know. He is aware that the current FC Barcelona has players like Ansu Fati, Dembélé, Raphinha or Ferrán Torres in his place, but the Belgian wants to try. He wants that change of scenery and just hopes it comes true.

Atlético is at a crossroads. He has let Matheus Cunha and Joao Félix out, and the results in the Santander League could not have been worse. He does not score a goal or the rainbow, with what that entails. Memphis Depay is the chosen one. In fact, there is already a full agreement with the player until 2025.

It all depends on Jorge Mendes

The problem is that Atlético does not want to pay for a transfer or include Carrasco in the operation, as FC Barcelona has requested. Now they no longer negotiate with Bartomeu, who was always satisfied with everything. Now there is Mateu Alemany, a bone that makes things difficult.

But there is a thread of hope that Atlético and Carrasco finally comply with what the parties want. That jorge mendes put the transfer of Guedes within reach. The Portuguese has already been offered to Sevilla and Betis, who are currently rejecting the operation. And Valencia cannot pay either. If Guedes comes on loan, Atlético will be happy to trade Carrasco for Memphis.


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