In India, Supreme Court sentenced mother-in-law to 3 months imprisonment for threatening daughter-in-law for not bringing dowry

Dowry has permeated our society like a fistula, especially in neighboring India, where daily reports of inhumane treatment of daughter-in-law and even murder for not bringing dowry come to light. Despite the existence of dowry laws, one woman The woman remains the enemy.

Something similar has happened again in India where the mother-in-law has been harassing her daughter-in-law for not bringing her dowry but the matter has been taken to court.
When I arrived, my mother-in-law was jailed for 3 months.

According to Indian media, after being repeatedly harassed by her mother-in-law on dowry, the daughter-in-law got upset and tried unsuccessfully to commit suicide, after which the matter reached the court.

In the petition filed in the Supreme Court, the petitioner took the position that the mother-in-law threatened the daughter-in-law several times for not bringing the dowry and the daughter-in-law tried to end her life.

The accused mother-in-law also filed an appeal against the petition, which was rejected by the Supreme Court, which sentenced the 64-year-old woman to three months imprisonment under the Dowry Act.

The judge of the Indian judiciary in his remarks said that it is a serious crime for a woman to oppress another woman.



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