The mother-in-law separated the daughter-in-law’s head from the torso

In India, the mother-in-law beheaded her daughter-in-law for having an illicit relationship with a non-man and took her to the police station.

According to Indian media, this horrific incident took place in Annamaya district of Andhra Pradesh state. When a woman named Subamma reached the police station with her daughter-in-law’s head, the officers and officials were shocked.

The mother-in-law alleges that the daughter-in-law had an illicit relationship with a non-man. Local residents saw Submamma carrying the severed head of her daughter-in-law in a plastic bag. The local residents also recorded the video of the scene in which drops of blood were dripping from the bag.

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According to the police, the victim named Vasundhara was a widow and had two children. Before his death, the husband had bequeathed a house and other property to his wife.

According to the report, Vasundhara was having an affair with an unknown person due to which the mother-in-law was worried. The deceased’s house and property were going to be in the name of that person. To foil the plan, Subamma kills Vasundhara.

The police arrested Subamma and registered a case while the investigation is on.

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