The most visited marketplaces in the world and by country

The marketplaces are on the rise all over the world. If we analyze its evolution as a new distribution channel, the success of this type of format is more than clear, until today it has become one of the most successful and most used online channels in the world. And it is that these types of platforms, which function as intermediaries between consumers and sellers, offer numerous advantages for sellers: cost and time savings, as well as the possibility of quickly and easily accessing a much larger market. Here we show you the most visited in the world and by country.

With 4.810 million visits in 2022, according to Statista, Amazon It is consolidated as the main online marketplace in the world. eBaywith 1,180 million visits during the past year, occupies the second position. Rakutenfor its part, completes the TOP 3, with 542.7 million visits.

Source: Statista


Amazon it is also the leading marketplace in the United States. This is demonstrated by the more than 2.5 million monthly visits from buyers based in the country in July last year, according to Similarweb. eBay occupies the second position with 789 million visits, followed by Walmart with 443 million.

United Kingdom

In this country, the following mainly international marketplaces stand out as the most popular among consumers in the United Kingdom. Amazon with 400 million monthly visits tops the list, followed by eBay with 253 million visits; and ASOS with 63 million visits, according to data from Similarweb.


In the case of the Asian country, the TOP 5 most popular marketplaces for small consumers are Taobao with 333 million visits that occupies the first place of the list, followed by pinduoduo with 263 million visits; jd.comwith 180 million; tmall, with 103 million visits; and in the last place, vipshopwith 5 million.

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In India, with 2.3 million monthly visits, Amazon It is the most popular marketplace among Indian shoppers. The second is Flipkart, owned by Walmart, with 2 million visits; followed by Myntra with 56 million monthly visits.

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