The most tense Board in Catalan

Quico Catalan faces the most tense Shareholders’ Meeting since I took the presidency of Levante. In a season in which things are not turning out in sports, bottoms in LaLiga and eliminated from the Copa del Rey, the entity will present accounts with 23.2 million losses from the last financial year to the partners who have a minimum of ten shares, at 7:00 p.m. at the Bancaja Cultural Center.

The crisis is installed at all levels in an entity that, in addition, vote on a budget with a slight profit (89,000 euros) after taxes in 2021-22 subject, among other things, to transferring players for 10.5 million before June 30, 2022. The January market seems moved, without a sports direction in front.

The Board of Directors will face the requests and complaints of its shareholders after a financial year in which the numbers speak for themselves and with the team in the worst sporting slump in recent years, with the fear of descent as a travel companion for a long journey of more than eight months without being able to celebrate a triumph.

At the Ordinary General Meeting The three items on the agenda will be presented and put to a vote: Examination and approval, where appropriate, of the Annual Accounts; examination and approval, where appropriate, of the budget for the financial year corresponding to 2021-22; and, finally, the approval of the minutes and, where appropriate, appointment of auditors.

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