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The most supportive face of kickboxing

The most supportive face of kickboxing

Kickboxing shows its most supportive face in the first edition of Trust Fight World League. Malgrat de Mar, in Barcelona, ​​will host the international event on Saturday April 15, and will have several very attractive fights. He will have 10 amateur bouts and 9 professionals, among which are a Championship of Spain, one of Europe and one World Cup. Khyzer Hayatthe only Spanish double Muay Thai world champion, and Albert Fields, also world champion, will be the two big names of the afternoon. The evening, organized by the Malgrat Sports Training Association (AFE Malgrat) will be charitable, and will allocate the proceeds from the sale of tickets to the I work with children and young people at risk of social exclusion and in disadvantaged families.

Kyzer Hayat is the only Spaniard who has managed to proclaim himself a double world champion in Muay Thai. The 28-year-old is of Pakistani origin and arrived in Spain at just eight years of age. “I integrated pretty well with my classmates and everything. I had very good feedback from the beginning, the truth is that they treated me well”, explains Khyzer. His interest in kickboxing began soon after, and at the age of 10 he began training. “It was all through a classmate. He trained, I didn’t know it, and one day at yard time we got hooked. There was a little fight, and I heard how a classmate told him: ‘Do what we do in training’. And I was like this: ‘How? What do you train? What do you guys do?’”, he relates, “From then on, I had more of a relationship with this boy and one day I went to train”.

He debuted as an amateur fighter at the age of 12, and made the leap to a professional at 18. “When I started training, I had no intention of entering what I am now in the long term, that I am playing international tournaments, that I have done Europeans, Nationals… At that time it didn’t cross my mind”, says the Spaniard of Pakistani origin. But the training and seeing the progression of his effort made me want to compete. He was awarded by the Pakistani ambassador, recognizing his sporting achievements, and is a benchmark for integration for the Pakistani community in Spain. Also, Khyzer is local policeand alternates it with sport.

On this evening he will dispute the kickboxing world title, and he faces it with “a lot of motivation and desire”. The fact that it is being held in Malgrat de Mar, with all his people, makes me even more excited. “It is not the same to do the important fight that is the World Cup, in front of your people, that you have that support, than to do it in a foreign country, that you don’t know anyone,” he says. The preparation has been tough, with a physical part focused on sport and a more technical part.

Albert Fieldsworld champion of Muay Thai, will contest the K1 European Championship – WAKO PRO. The undefeated fighter, since 2022, is based in Thailand, where he is part of the Phuket Fight Club team. He is one of the national fighters with the most international projection in the 57 kg category. Besides, Vicente García will fight for the Spanish Championship.

The solidarity evening, organized by the Malgrat Sports Training Association (AFE Malgrat) with the collaboration of different town halls, associations and educational centers of El Maresme, is a educational project to the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya for the redirection of behaviors and social inclusion of children and young people through the practice of sports.

The association has already organized several charity sports events related to contact sports or martial arts. Alex Baenapromoter of the event and representative of AFE Malgrat, assures that they want to “bring the grand galas closer” to the municipality. “We equip the kids from the association, we take care of licences, we continuously organize activities, outings, talks, etc.”, explains the current Catalan Muay Thai coach. They aim to hold two events of this type a year, to help different sectors of society. “We try that the sport, beyond being a martial art that provides security, self-confidence, physical condition, personal defense, positively affects our environmentBaena explains.

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