The most successful brands on TikTok: La Liga and KFC

tick tockthe social network of Chinese origin that allows you to record, edit and share short videos, It has positioned itself as one of the most popular platforms. In fact, in 2022, it was the application that grew the most. It has more than 1 billion users. Due to its continuous growth, more and more brands are turning to this channel to connect with their audience.

This platform is mainly used by users between the ages of 13 and 35. It is an attractive social network for brands as it appeals to a desirable audience (Gen Z and young millennials) and provides easy-to-consume content.

Epsilon Technologies monitored 137 brands with prominent presence on TikTok Spain with more than 174,000,000 interactions, via its big data tool on the social network Icarus. Among the key conclusions of the Epsilon Icarus Analytics Panel study, Trends and Rankings of Top Brands in TikTok Spain Among Spanish Businesses 2022, is the high ability of this network to generate engagement. In addition, it has positioned itself as an emerging platform among brands and ensures a high level of efficiency. So this social network The overall engagement rate is 174,061,220, making it a channel that improves engagement significantly, with a +426 year-on-year variation former.

Analyzing 131 brands, the total activity was 9,495 and the efficiency 18,331, with a variation of +267% and +159%, respectively.

The 10 most successful brands on TikTok 2022

According to this study These are the 10 brands that have shown that TikTok is the place to be in the world of digital marketing. Brands and influencers work hand in hand to bring products to a young audience.

La Liga (40.19%) and KFC (33.18%) are the two brands with the highest number of interactions on this social network. On the one hand, La Liga mainly publishes content featuring sports personalities and events. And on the other hand, KFC relies on humorous content.

The top 10 of the ranking are completed by Red Bull (2.58%), Iberdrola (1.48%), Durex (1.47%), PortAventura (1.36%), Druni (1.19%), Samsung (1.04%), Starbucks (1.04). %) and DIA (1.03%).

These brands offer viral content generated by themselves and their followers by sharing user videos. The content is linked to humor, influencers, sports, employer branding, product and insightful situations are topics that companies use to attract their potential customers. All companies share three success factors:

  1. The BRAND is always present.
  2. Natural content for the environment and humanized
  3. Content created by Content Creator or associated CM to situations insightful either tips.

Best content from TikTok Spain

Many types of content can be created on TikTok. From January to December 2022 these are among the most popular. They relate to humor, sports, extreme sports, streamers and employer branding.

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