The most iconic moments of the “Maradonian” Messi: By "What are you looking at, stupid?" for the "do not play"

Messi’s identity consists of many layers, as if his footballing metamorphosis was accompanied by permanent personal development.

Leo’s private universe hasn’t changed much – he surrounds himself with the same environment – but his way of communicating has changed. In recent years His Argentine origins, always obvious, became more extroverted and his most common character outbursts.

The last World Cup was the stage for the eternal bond with his country. An epic ending with the title won, but also a World Cup that showed the Messi Argentina has always longed for. What I imagined seeing him at Barça, ideally with the ball at his feet, but especially those who rebel in the face of adversity. Messi was a recognizable leader. Less flawless and cooler, but Argentina never wanted an understated hero.

The famous “What are you looking at, you fool? go over there, you fool!” The World Cup showcased a Messi rarely seen in Barcelona, ​​and his way of leading the team’s squad delighted Argentines. Valdano summed it up: “Messi is amazed at this World Cup. It shows the essence of football. It’s fascinating to see him now. He has no more energy and has to exploit every talent, no matter how small. “If you don’t love Messi, you don’t love football.”

The most explosive Messi

The last episode took place this morning at the Maracana Stadium, against Brazil, with a historic victory full of fury. Again with another iconic phrase. Leo said: “We’re not playing” when he saw the Argentines in the stands being charged by the police.

Messi was the first to approach the Argentine fans’ area and warned them that they would go to the dressing room if the arguments did not stop. On the way he had an affair with Rodrygo. “Cagones? We are world champions”he threw at the Brazilian and grabbed him by the neck.

In the previous game against Uruguay, he also got into trouble after Ugarte made an obscene gesture towards Rodrigo de Paul at La Bombonera. “I prefer not to say what I think. These young people have to learn to respect their elders, they have to learn a little. It was always an intense classic, but with a lot of respect.”

Messi had to reach the final stage of his career in order to stop suffering under the burden of the national team. Winning the World Cup was his special salvation. Since then, When he wears the Argentina jersey, he is so connected to his people that he looks like one of them.. At Maracana, he joined his teammates’ cheers and shouted: “Brazil, tell me how it feels,” followed by “Maradona is taller than Pelé.”

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