The most anticipated albums in the year of Rosalía’s return

More than three years have passed since the release of ‘El Mal Querer’, the album that blew up the Rosalía phenomenon, and the anticipation for her new work -which will be released on March 18- is increasing, especially after the publication of which will be the cover of the artist’s third album, of which the title is known, ‘MOTOMAMI’, and some previews, such as the bachata ‘La Fama’, which she sings with The Weeknd.

In addition to the bachata with the Canadian artist, Rosalía has previewed brief fragments of other songs from ‘MOTOMAMI’, such as ‘Bulería’, ‘Hentai’, ‘Saoko’, ‘Candy’ or ‘Bulerías’, part of a job that she confirmed the artist in an interview with the magazine ‘Rolling Stone’ is the result of “a great experimentation”, with influences as diverse as Patti Smith or reggaeton.

“I want my career to be like a love letter to all the music I love”, assured Rosalía, who will once again travel from urban sounds to flamenco, as shown by the brief preview of the song ‘Bulerías’, although others have been more indecipherable, such as the theme ‘Hentai’, which sparked all kinds of jokes and criticism on social networks, to which the artist did not hesitate to answer.

For his part, The Weeknd surprised in the first days of the year with the release of an album that arrived without prior notice and without an avalanche of musical advances, as usual, starring in the first major musical release of the year with ‘Dawn FM’, an album in which the Canadian reflects the influence of musicians like Michael Jackson or Daft Punk.

After the success of ‘After Hours’ (2020), ‘Dawn FM’ is the artist’s fifth studio album, and the fruit of Abel Tesfaye’s work during the two years of the pandemic, another sure success thanks to songs like ‘Take my breath ‘ or ‘Gasoline’, and which he will promote on a world tour starting in the middle of the year.

Another singer who has started the year with a new album is Sebastián Yatra, who in ‘Dharma’, his third studio album, has the collaboration of artists such as Rosario, Daddy Yankee, Natti Natasha, Jonas Brothers, Myke Towers, Guaynaa, Rauw Alejandro , Manuel Turizo or Aitana, with whom he performs the song “Las Doubts”.

New jobs from music superstars.

The Spanish Aitana is also preparing for 2022 what will be her third album, of which two songs are already known, ‘Berlín’ and ‘Formentera’, and which arrives preceded by the success of the album ’11 reasons’, with which the outgoing singer of Operación Triunfo was consolidated as a Spanish pop star, something that he certified with a massive concert in Madrid last December.

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Bad Bunny has also confirmed a new album for the coming months, as well as the Colombian Camilo and Rauw Alejandro, one of the most successful artists of last year.

The rapper Mala Rodríguez has also been working for months on what will be the seventh album of her musical career, and which will probably be titled ‘Amor y Hate’ and will be published soon, as she pointed out during the promotion of her autobiographical book ‘How to be Mala’.

New jobs from music superstars.

While it remains unconfirmed whether 2022 will finally be the year for Rihanna’s new album, who has not released new record material since her eighth studio album, ‘Anti’, in 2016, but in recent months has been giving clues about the work, possibly in a double format, in which in addition to the pop and r&b sound with which he achieved stardom, there would also be other styles such as reggae, electronica or hip-hop.

After the success of her debut with ‘Invasion of Privacy’ (2018), the one who has confirmed a new album for 2022 is the rapper Cardi B, who last summer collaborated on the song ‘Rumors’ with Lizzo, who will also publish this year which will be his fourth album, preceded by the eight Grammy nominations he got with ‘Cuz I love you’ (2019).

For her part, rapper Nicki Minaj has announced a new single, ‘Do we have a problem?’, along with Lil Baby, and which marks the Trinidadian’s return to the music scene, four years after the release from their latest album, ‘Queen’.

Beyoncé and Madonna have also dropped that there will soon be new record material, that they have been working on new songs for months, and the band Red Hot Chili Peppers has almost finished its twelfth album, with Joe Frusciante back in line.

Rock references like Eddie Vedder or The Cure will also have new record material this year, as will bands like Artic Monkeys, The Lumineers or Years & Years.

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