The moment of truth for the Bucks

On Sunday (7:00 p.m., Spanish time) the 2022 playoffs will open what has to be one of their key battles. The champion, Milwaukee Bucks, visits the great contender, the most in-form team in the NBA: Boston Celtics. It will be at the Garden, and now maybe some in Wisconsin will remember that last regular season game in which they didn’t even compete to make it so. The Bucks preferred to play now without a factor and avoid a Nets that, like a cardboard set, fell under their own weight (4-0) as soon as the Celtics applied a little pressure.

The series arrives marked, of course, more by Khris Middleton’s loss than by that memory of what happened a few days ago, of course. On the road to repeat the title, always extremely tortuous, the Bucks knew they would have to overcome the most powerful East in recent years. But they did not expect that, from the last quarter of the second match of the first round, they would have to row without Middleton, an essential player, the great squire of Giannis Antetokounmpo since 2013. Since he arrived in the NBA. The first feeling is of large series, transcendent. And it seems difficult that we do not see the one who wins it as the great favorite for the title, with permission in any case from the Phoenix Suns, who also maneuver between their share of problems and is about to recover Devin Booker. Now the questions are obvious: Will the Bucks have Middleton back at some point in the series? And of course,how much they will feel his absence now that the level of his rival is going to shoot up to the stratosphere?

We will see. Because, at least, those of Budenholzer have given themselves a bath of self-esteem against the Chicago Bulls. Since the fateful second game, in which they lost Middleton and home court after not having shone in the first either, They have added three victories without fail (4-1) for a total difference of 70 points (23.3 on average). They won both of Chicago’s games without major problems (or none, rather) and dominated the fifth (116-100) in a show of energy that flattened their rival from the first quarter: 34-18… and 49-20, after a 23-2 run, before reaching the halfway point of the second. From there, the Bulls fell to -11 after the break, but the Bucks felt no apprehension or doubt. The Celtics won 4-0, they have won 4-1. Now comes the central act, the duel that will send one on vacation too soon.

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Antetokounmpo played 30 minutes and finished with 33 points and 9 rebounds. Jrue Holiday added 10 points and 9 assists and inside, Portis finished with 14 and 17 rebounds and Brook Lopez with 12+5. The points that Middleton does not put are still being put between Grayson Allen (13) and Connaugthon (20). With a 9/15 in triples between the two. The Bucks have had their therapy, they have assembled their forces and they are as ready as they can be with a loss as sensitive as Middleton’s. Now to play.

The Bulls are going on vacation. Nobody will take away their extraordinary first half of the season. Nor his return to the playoffs five years later. But the accumulation of injuries and physical problems have left them low. Not now, for weeks. They were already without Lonzo Ball and in this fifth game, which smelled of elimination long before the initial jump, they also arrived without Alex Caruso and without a Zach LaVine who entered the COVID protocols and who has lived through the first playoffs of his career (eight years later ) weighed down by knee problems. Against this background, DeMar DeRozan was very lonely and was constantly hounded by the Bucks defense (he finished with 11 points). Patrick Williams added 23 and Vucevic, 19 with 16 rebounds and 6 assists. It’s been a bad end to a very good year in Chicago, one that has to serve as a seed. Now it’s their turn to see from the outside how the ring is decided. In series like the one that starts on Sunday: Boston Celtics-Milwaukee Bucks. The champion against the great threat. Hard to ask for more.

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