The Modi government took away the roof from the heads of 25 thousand Muslims

In India, the Modi government did not stop from narrowing the land on Muslims and demolished the houses of 25 thousand more Muslims.

According to media reports, the railway department demolished the houses of 25,000 Muslims without notice in Arifnagar Nawab Colony, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

Local people say that we have been living here for many years and no one ever asked us to vacate the house, there was never any notice or news about it, suddenly the railway department said that the third railway line from the area. The work is being started.

Residents say that where to take the elderly and children in winter, the government should have arranged an alternative place so that we at least get a place to hide our heads.


Local organizations strongly condemned this illegal move of the Modi government. They say that the government demolished the houses of 25 thousand people without any notice or information, this is an inhumane step.

It should be remembered that the Modi government demolished 25 houses of Muslims in New Delhi in October last year.

Delhi Development Authority demolished Muslim houses in Fatehpur Beri under the guise of encroachment. During this time, the women continued to give decades, but the authorities did not listen, and they were not even allowed to take the necessary equipment before demolishing the houses.

Human Rights Watch and other international organizations have expressed concern over this, saying that the authorities in India are adopting laws and policies that systematically discriminate against Muslims.

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