The Modi government is bent on distorting the history of the subcontinent

The Modi government bent on distorting the history of the subcontinent, Allahabad was renamed as Prayagaraj, Hoshankabad as Narmadapuram and after Osmanabad as Drashiv, Lucknow was renamed as Laxmanpur or Lakhanpur as Korghazipur as Vishva. Proposed to keep Mitra Nagar.

According to the details, the cities have now become unsafe in Modi’s India, the Modi government is bent on distorting the history of the subcontinent.

The followers of Hindutva did not spare even the cities in the fire of hatred, the religious identity of Muslims in Modi’s India was endangered.

BJP MP Sangam Lal Gupta gave the letter to Yogi Adyanath, Home Minister Amit Shah and Indian Prime Minister Modi.

The letter suggested changing the name of Lucknow to Laxmanpur or Lakhanpur, a city of 2.8 million with 29 percent Muslims and other minorities.

There were also protests by Hindutva followers to change the name of the 600-year-old city.

In the past too, the Modi government has changed the names of many cities in Hindu style, in 2018, Allahabad was renamed as Prayagraj, in 2021, Hoshankabad was renamed as Narmadapuram and in 2022, Osmanabad was renamed as Drashiv.

Hindu extremist leaders have also suggested renaming Ghazipur as Vishwa Mitra Nagar and Bahraich as Saldev Nagar.

Be it the Modi government or Bollywood, everyone has increased in anti-Muslim hostility, in such a situation, questions are being raised that do the Indian minorities consider themselves safe in this blind fire of hatred? Can the history of the subcontinent be erased by distorting the Muslim identity?

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