The MLB analyzes games in the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico for 2024

While the season of the MLB 2023 it’s still longpreparations are already beginning for the international matches that the Major Leagues will have in 2024, where some venues surprise the radar.

According to the journalist ESPN’s Enrique Rojas, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic could have exhibition matches in the next season, however, they are still figuring out the logistics.

In the current Collective Labor Agreement (CBA), which was signed in the spring of 2022, but was only published last week, the MLB central office and the Major League Players Association (MLBPA) agreed to schedule two editions of the World Baseball Classic (2023 and 2026) and various official and exhibition matches in Asia, Europe, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

In accordance with Article XXV of the CBA defines an international event such as any baseball-related tour, game, clinic, or challenge, including a skills competition, initiated by either party, or by a Playerwhich involves Players and is staged outside of the United States and Canada, or within or outside of the United States or Canada against a foreign club or clubs.

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MLB international games in 2024

The league can schedule exhibition games in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republicthis in addition to the regular season game in Mexico, where the Astros and the Rockies aim to be the teams that visit Mexico City.

No later than July 1, the Commissioner’s Office must confirm the Major League Baseball teams to the Players’ Association who will visit those venues. For now, ESPN announced that the 2024 regular season will begin with a series between the Padres and the Dodgers in South Korea.

By 2025, MLB can schedule its regular season kickoff in Tokyo, Japan, a series in Mexico City in May, the first ever visit to Paris, France, in June, and a series in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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