The missing bitch returned to its owners after 12 years

Photo: San Joaquin County Sheriff

A pet dog in the US state of California has been found by its owners after being missing for 12 years.

British Broadcasting Corporation BBC According to reports, a bitch named Zoe was thrown out of a vehicle in a rural area near Stockton.

A man called the police and reported finding the bitch, saying she was old and sick.

An animal services officer scanned the bitch’s microchip, which revealed that the bitch had been missing since 2010.

Mistress Mitchell said: “I never expected the bitch Zoe to be reunited, so I’m excited.”

The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office said Zoe had been missing for so long that a microchip company had registered her dead since 2015.

Zoe’s scanning officer, Brendan Levin, obtained contact details from the chip firm’s owner, which revealed that he still had the same mobile number.

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