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The miracle of Corberán

The miracle of Corberán

Carlos Corberán arrived at West Bromwich Albion with the bottom team. In The Hawthorns They trusted the Spanish coach to reverse the situation and they couldn’t have done better. From avoiding relegation they have gone on to fight for promotion. From matchday 18 when they were in 24th position in the Championship, second in England, with 14 points until facing matchday 46 this Monday, they have worked a true miracle. After 29 games in which they have added 16 victories, four draws, nine defeats, with 24 goals for, 8 against and 11 clean sheets, the team of the thrushes is eighth with 66 points and has mathematical options to finish in playoff positions.

To do this, they need to win this Monday against a Swansea without playoff options and expect a Sunderland draw at Preston’s hometied on points but ahead, and trust that Middlesbrough beat Coventry and Blackburn beat Milwall so that, in case of winning, they consolidate the ‘sorpasso’.

corberan40, has given strength to a West Brom that has added 1.79 points per game, 1.38 goals per game and who has gone from conceding 23 goals in 18 games to 27 in 27 games. With their average points and having started the season, they would have reached 73 with one game remaining, so they would be fifth in the standings and with the playoffs assured.

The coach of Cheste (Valencia) has stamped his stamp on the ‘baggies’ with a fortress at home typical of a team fighting for promotion. In 16 games they have achieved 11 victories, three draws and two defeats. To this he adds a streak without losing 13 games of which he won 10 and in which he drew three.

corberan he trusts his players before the ‘final’: “Always there is motivation between us, if you ask the players what they would prefer ahead of the Swansea game, whether it be fighting for a playoff spot or no positive consequences after the game, then of course everyone they would go for the possibility that there is now. I don’t think they have any kind of pressure, the group at the moment has a lot of motivation and faith to improve our position and potentially achieve something special.”

“We played all the games to win the three points. I am not going to manage differently every time we play a football game at home or away. For me we are going to need desire and even responsibility to give our best to win the three points. This is positive for me because when you get to this type of scenario, you have to approach it with the same mindset and doing the same things you’ve been doing during the season and working together. We always want to see the team winning games and when we are not winning is when you need to manage differently”, said the Spanish coach.

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