The ministers of the new Spanish government promise their positions before King Felipe VI

Moscow. – The 22 members of the new Spanish government promised their positions before the Spanish King Felipe VI.

During the ceremony, which took place in the audience hall of the Zarzuela Palace, the first reading of the royal decrees announcing the appointments took place.

“I promise, on my conscience and my honor, to faithfully fulfill the duties of the office (…) with loyalty to the King and to uphold the constitution as the basic norm of the state and to ensure its preservation and to uphold the constitution “Secrecy of deliberations of the Council of Ministers,” they swore. Then, one by one, the members of Pedro Sánchez’s new coalition cabinet.

After the ceremony, members of the new government, 12 female and 10 male ministers, will assume the portfolios of their predecessors at the headquarters of each ministry.

With information from Sputnik.

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