The Mexican who aspires to be Curry’s teammate and has already trained with the Warriors

We are days away from the next NBA Draft and this year the great prospect is the Frenchman Victor Wembanyama, who is called to be the next NBA basketball superstar; It is budgeted that the San Antonio Spurs are the ones who choose him by having the first overall pick.

The teams are already sounding out the players they will select in the Draft and that allow them to promote their actions immediately for the following season.

The Golden State Warriors have the 19th pick in the Draft and one of the last decisions he will make Bob Myers in the general management of dubsit will be to choose the next partner of the ‘Chef’ Currythis before leaving.

Jaquez Jr declared himself ready for the 2023 Draft

The Dubs would have their sights set on the young man of Mexican descent Jaime Jaquez Jr; who was invited to train with the team.

Jaime Jaquez Jr. comes from playing with the University of California (UCLA), where he averaged 17.5 points per game; in addition to 8.1 rebounds.

At 22 years old, he is 2.01 meters tall and weighs 102 kilograms, Jaquez Jr. is seen as a ‘great threat from midrange’this according to what was revealed by the media The Sporting News.

The basketball player has shown great conditions in the NCAA

The information of the training with the Warriors was released by anthony slatermedium The Athleticwhere it is also mentioned: “among the various options that should be available in the 19th pick. Older prospect, but highly productive”.

Jaquez Jr. was a member of the Mexican basketball team that participated in the 2019 Pan American Games.

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