The Mexican Randy Arozarena strives every day to obtain the Gold Glove of the American League

Many things can be known about Randy Arozarena, but as the Major League Baseball calendar burns pages, the naturalized Mexican player is opening up more to the world.

Thanks to his athleticism and charisma that he displayed during the World Classic, Arozarena emerged as a popular hero of Mexicocapturing much of the attention that exists for baseball in the neighboring country of the United States.

To his spectacular performance within the international contest, arozarena He has been adding great performances in MLB with the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Cuban native is the player with the most RBIs within the leading Major League Baseball organization and has also contributed 10 home runs to rank within the Top-15 of the entire circuit.

Despite standing out with a swing that could take him to the next All-Star Game and very likely to compete for the Most Valuable Player of the Season award,oh, Randy has one obsession for recognition. arozarena he wants to get the Gold Glove as the best left fielder in the American League.

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Delivered since 1957, the Golden Glove honors the best defenders at every position in every league. Major League managers and managers vote only within their league and cannot do so for baseball players on their own teams. represent 75 percent of the selection process. The other 25 percent goes to sabermatria statistics.

Rays catcher Christian Bethancourt told MLB a conversation he had with Arozarena before the start of the season.

“He’s angry that people don’t think he’s good enough defensively,” Bethancourt recalled. “He has a purpose this year that he wants to be in the Golden Glove competition. He wants to go for a Gold Glove. He’s taking a chance while he can.”

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Arozarena was selected within the ideal team of the World Classic, where he made great catches; some of them snatching home runs.

Outfielder Randy Arozarena made a spectacular catch during the semifinals of the last World Baseball Classic
Outfielder Randy Arozarena made a spectacular catch during the semifinals of the last World Baseball ClassicERIC SWORDAFP

The ranger entered Thursday without any errors and last week against the Yankees, he showed how much he wants the Gold Glove by making an incredible fielding that snatched a couple of runs from the ninth New Yorker.

During an interview with the MLB website, Randy noted that much of his success is due to first base/outfield coach Chris Prieto.

“I give him all the credit in the world,” Arozarena said of Prieto. “He is the one who pushes me to have consistency. That is the key word in this answer. Just be consistent with my first steps, where I’m going, where I’m getting to baseball. I give him all the credit.”

While he is known for his offense, Arozarena feels that he is a better defender than most people realize.

“The way I think about it is, when I’m playing defense, I have control of what I’m catching, what I’m not, what I’m throwing, how I’m running, what ball I’m going. getArozarena said. “But when I’m hitting I don’t know what pitch (the opposing pitcher) will pitch. It’s a different aspect of the game that I need to prepare for.”

When does Arozarena become a free agent?

Although next year the Cuban naturalized Mexican is a candidate for salary arbitration, he will become a free agent until 2026, where he could go for his big deal.

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