The mayor of Madrid, victim of an unusual heavy joke by Zoom

The mayor of Madrid, J.ose Luis Martinez Almeidastarred this Wednesday in the most grotesque moment in Spanish politics in 2022 by giving an interview by Zoom before whom he believed to be the mayor of kyiv. It was a joke of two Russian comedians, which included even a truly scatological moment.

The alleged interview with whom Martínez Almeida (leader of the conservative Popular Party) thought it was Vitaly Klitshko, was put together by comedians Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov, known as Vovan and Lexus, and is 17 minutes long. They were in charge of uploading the material to the web.

“Russian bastards”

“Can Madrid help us deport men with Ukrainian citizenship to Ukraine?” they ask the right-wing mayor of the Spanish capital in the interview. Response: “Of course. I don’t think that’s a problem. Madrid supports sending Ukrainians to Ukraine to fight there.”adding that “Madrid has the transportation capacity if the need arises to deport people to Ukraine.”

The phrase could not be more scandalous because it contradicts the Convention on the Status of Refugees, the Geneva Convention, which prohibits expelling a refugee “who is lawfully in the territory.” Article 33 says that “no Contracting State may, by expulsion or return, in any way place a refugee on the borders of the territories where his life or freedom is in danger”. To which is added, as an aggravating circumstance, that Martínez Almeida is not even head of state, but rather barely directs the destinies of a city.

In another passage, the false mayor of kyiv consulted him about the efforts to expropriate Russian assets in Madrid and if these could be distributed among the Ukrainian refugees. To this, Martínez Almeida replied that they are going to “apply all the resolutions of the European Union regarding the Russians in Spain”. And he went further by saying: “It is necessary to punish the Russian bastards here in Spain and in Madrid”. The epithet “bastards” was never used in public to refer to the Russians, just as the debate to seize the assets of Russian residents in Spain was never raised in Spain, but of the oligarchs close to Vladimir Putin.

“Smear them with feces”

The dialogue led to increasingly extravagant aspects. At one point, the fake Klitschko told Martínez Almeida about the idea that Ukrainian activists would do nudes in front of NATO delegations in Madrid, and that they are going to “smear them with feces”. Puzzled, the Spanish mayor replies: “Very interesting. Probably the best metaphor to show people what is currently happening in Ukraine”.

Moreover, they told him that the Ukrainian ambassador to Spain could go naked to that call and asked Martínez Almeida if he would join. “I’m not so sure about my figure”He apologized between laughs.

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Later, the joke was directed towards Almudena Grandes, the novelist who died at the end of 2021 and who, due to her leftist positions, the Spanish right did not want to give her the title of Favorite Daughter of Madrid. Despite the opposition of Martínez Almeida, she was awarded that posthumous title last June. The fake Ukrainian tells him that he “hates” the author of The Frozen Heart even though he never read her work. The laughter of the Madrid advisers is heard in the background, while the mayor admits that he never read it.

The end made it clear that it was a joke, although Martínez Almeida was slow to react. The apocryphal Klitschko alludes to the nickname “Carapolla”, to which the PP man argued that the nickname was because of the size of his nose. “You are very informed about me and about Madrid, congratulations,” she answered. Immediately afterwards, the comedian tells him: “Perhaps you remember when I put my cock in your mouth?”, In response to the question of whether he had ever been to Madrid.

“No, no, I don’t understand you,” managed to respond the victim of the joke. “I will talk to the ambassador about the performance (of getting naked),” he will also put his dick in your mouth, “the joker raised the bet. There, a dazed Martínez Almeida seemed to understand the meaning of the almost 20 minutes of dialogue. At that point the video cuts off. The mayor has already filed a complaint with the police..

a history of pranks

Strictly speaking, it is not the first time that Vovan and Lexus have made this kind of joke. They specialize in calling famous people and giving them an embarrassing moment. making them believe that they speak against a person.

In 2017 they tricked the then Minister of Defense of Spain, Dolores de Cospedal, who was led to believe that the Catalan secessionist leader Carles Puigdemont was a Russian spy nicknamed Cipollino. They also told him that half of the Russian tourists in Spain were from Putin’s intelligence services. Cospedal thought he was talking to his Latvian Defense pair.

The comedians deny being part of Putin’s espionage apparatus. They also mocked George W. Bush and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, among others, after which YouTube closed his channel.

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