The mayor of Acapulco, Abelina López, has blamed the "heat" already "eat carbohydrates"among others "factors"of the levels of violence recorded in the Mexican city, located in the state of Guerrero.

In statements to the media, López has referred to the "factors" that contribute to the violence in Acapulco and has specified that they are "Many"before listing some of them.

"We have around 16.2 percent of extreme poverty, which can also be a factor for violence. The issue of gender can also be a factor for violence. The lack of employment can also be a factor and the same (…) the heat (sic) can also be a factor for violence. A bad diet, when you bring a bad diet, for example, if they eat more carbohydrates, you accelerate"has continued.

At this time, as reported by the Mexican newspaper ‘El Universal’, her team interrupts her and takes her out of the place.

Acapulco has registered a wave of violence in 2021. In June of last year, the Mexican Ministry of the Interior began the first phase of a plan to promote a culture of peace and reconstruction of the social fabric in the city.

The task is carried out in coordination with eleven agencies in Guerrero and it is intended to reinforce the work in the national territory to address the structural causes of violence.




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