The mayor married a crocodile!

The audience is clapping and dancing. A man married a crocodile in such a festive atmosphere. He is the mayor of San Pedro Huamelula, a town inhabited by the Chontal tribe in southern Mexico. His name is Victor Hugo Sosa. He is married to a daughter named Alicia Adriana Kumir.

The mayor married the crocodile according to local customs to bring good luck to the townspeople. News from NDTV

During the wedding ceremony, Mayor Sosa said he was accepting the responsibility of the bride. Because they love each other. Love is important. Marriage is impossible without love. He was married to a princess.

On the occasion of marriage, the crocodile is dressed up as a ‘bride’. Before marriage, the crocodile is taken from house to house. Purpose – so that the townspeople can dance with him in both arms.

Before marriage, the crocodile’s mouth is tied to avoid accidents. Later he was taken to the city auditorium for the marriage ceremony.

A local fisherman casts his net as part of the ritual. He prayed in tune. The prayer says that this marriage will result in a good number of fish, which will bring prosperity, balance and peace to the city.

About 230 years ago, a marriage brought peace between the two tribal groups in the area. One tribal group is called Chontal, the other Huav. Remembering that incident, a female crocodile has been married to a male human for so many years.

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