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The Mavs have little faith in Kemba Walker: “The knee is not right”

The Mavs have little faith in Kemba Walker:

It is already known: Dallas Mavericks throws out Jalen Brunson. The often point guard, who left for the Knicks this summer, lightened some of the tremendous responsibility that Luka Doncic has to assume in directing and creating the game for the Texan team, scored in situations hot and he knew how to create plays when the rivals made double and even triple markings on the Slovenian.

So, looking for emergency solutions in your backcourt, the Mavs have taken over Kemba Walker and have done without a Facundo Campazzo who barely played. Kemba is 32 years old and has been four times all starthe last one in 2020. But his fall from grace has been dizzying and he was without a team because his physical condition has prevented him from playing at a good level in his last steps in the NBA. At 1.83, Kemba relied on his explosiveness to generate his scoring situations. And on defense, if he was no longer a reliable player in his best years, he later became a hole of gigantic proportions. But, for a minimal contract, the Mavs are going see what happens with Kemba, at least. Let’s see if he can help behind Doncic and Spencer Dinwiddie in the rotation of guards. The contract is for the remainder of the season and is not even fully guaranteed..

Kemba assures that he has been training on his own and that he is fine, but he has already had to submit tothree operations on his left kneeand in his last spell with the Celtics and his stint with the Knicks (his hometown team) he was a shadow of the power point guard he had been. He hasn’t played since last Februaryand the Knicks sent him to Detroit, where he waited until a deal was reached. buyout in some Pistons in which he never got to integrate.

Nico Harrison, general manager of the Mavs, has made some statements for a Dallas radio station in which he is surprisingly pessimistic about the knee of his new signing: “It’s not okay, it’s not okay at all. But she has done rehab and is at her best in the last two years. We’ll see how long she lasts. She hasn’t been well for years. But until the pass he had 30-point games. And now he is better. The reality, if you look closely, is that the knee is not right but that doesn’t mean that I can’t play like that”.

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