Home Sports The Mavericks plan to play a friendly against Real Madrid

The Mavericks plan to play a friendly against Real Madrid

The Mavericks plan to play a friendly against Real Madrid

Luka Doncic could return to Madrid very soon if only to, with his current team, play a friendly against the club that trained him since he was 13 years old until he made the jump to the NBA. The Mavericks plan a European tour with Doncic as the main attraction and are in negotiations with various parties to make it possible in the 2023/24 preseasonjust a year from now. The owner of the Texan franchise is the one who has revealed this initiative to the local press.

Mark Cuban has spoken of the possibility in these terms: “I don’t know if we will be able to go to Slovenia in the preseason, but we are working quite hard to be able to play against Real Madrid. It will depend on the League, we will see, but it is certainly what we are putting the effort into “.

The idea has been in the minds of Cuban and the Mavericks managers since Doncic was drafted in 2018 and broke into one of the most promising young stars. It is considered an unbeatable market opportunity, even more so with the strength that Luka has gained as an icon since he landed in the United States. The making of the squad, the legacy left by Dirk Nowitzki and the Slovenian phenomenon are reasons to think about the pull that the Mavericks have in the Old Continent. The coronavirus pandemic that hit the planet in 2020 stopped these plans that now want to resume so quickly.

In the preseason in which the NBA is now immersed, they have traveled to both Tokyo (Wizards and Warriors) and Abu Dhabi (Hawks and Bucks). The European match of 2022/23 that belongs to the regular season official will be, again in Paris (France) and will measure the forces of Bulls and Pistons.

In recent years, the North American league had not passed through Spain, but the international expansion of the competition has brought it so far this century. In addition to other opponents such as Barça or Estudiantes, Real Madrid has been the main attraction for this type of pre-season match. In Spain he began facing the Celtics in 1988 and repeating it seven years ago, he has also faced the Jazz or the Grizzlies, outside the Spanish borders he came to see them against Charles Barkley’s Suns and has managed to beat the Raptors in 2007 and the Thunder in 2016, this being the last duel of these characteristics to date.

New Bernabeu?

Real Madrid is finishing the mammoth work with which it is reforming the Santiago Bernabeu State and wants to make it profitable also with sporting events beyond football. ACE revealed in his day the interest of joining forces with the NFL to bring the American football league to Spain or the desire to organize a tennis exhibition between Rafa Nadal and the recently retired Roger Federer. COVID-19 has also delayed the works on the Avenida de Concha Espina venue and its completion is now expected for precisely the approximate period in which the match against the Dallas Mavericks is scheduled to be played: at the start of the next football season. The WiZink Centerpavilion where the club plays basketball games, would be the main candidate to host this event.

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