The mask will no longer be mandatory on the street and in the schoolyard

the mask will no longer be mandatory outdoors Starting tomorrow, except for large events where you are standing or when there is no safe distance if you are seated, although it is always advisable to use it when there are urban agglomerations.

This was agreed on Monday by the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System in a meeting that also increased the ability in sports competitionsincluding the Football League and the ACB Basketball League, which range from 75% to 85% if they are held outdoors and 50% to 75% if they are held indoors.

The public attending large events must continue to respect non-pharmacological measures, such as wearing a mask or keeping a safe distance.

These numbers will be reviewed before the end of February when, inter-territorial sources point out to Efe, it is expected that the entire public can be resumed.

However, the public must continue to respect non-pharmacological measures, such as the use of fake mask nod safety distance. In this type of situation, as in other crowded situations, you will need to continue using it if you are standing or if there is not a distance of 1.5 meters if you are sitting.

File image of the Liceo Castilla schoolyard in Burgos. / EFE | Santa Otero

Farewell to the mask at recess

The mask will also no longer be mandatory in school recess from tomorrow. “This time yes, boys and girls will be able to play in the playground, in the playground, without masks”, the spokeswoman announced yesterday, Elizabeth Rodriguesat the press conference after the Council of Ministers that gave the green light to the end of its demand abroad.

The conditions for being able to remove the mask outdoors will be detailed in the royal decree which was published today in BOE and which will come into force on Thursday.

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Outside the royal decree, said the minister, the recommendation in crowdsthat it will be an instruction that communities must give, although “it is part of common sense and what we call the culture of care” to put it when we feel that we are in the middle of a crowd.

“This time yes, boys and girls will be able to play at recess, at recess, without masks,” the spokeswoman announced yesterday.

For example, the Valencian Community plans to make some general recommendations in the Fallas and Magdalena in the coming days, said the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puigwho pointed out that “there are many times outdoors where it is convenient to take him because if there is interaction and proximity, it is very difficult not to be contagious”.

The royal decree issued last summer allowed it to be removed outdoors only if the 1.5-meter safety distance was maintained with non-cohabitants, along with a few other exceptions.

Which meant that, in practice, also at recess, children had to use it, which will no longer happen, as the minister assured next Thursday: “The children set a great example of responsibility during all this time and this will be great news for them, as well as for their teachers and their fathers and mothers”, he celebrated.

about the future of mask indoors and the calculations that the Government has in this regard, Rodríguez replied that if the pandemic has taught him anything, it is to be “cautious”. And although Spain has the advantage of its high vaccination coverage, “prudence must continue to prevail in these circumstances. You don’t have to play the bells right away.”

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