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The Marvels: Why Dar-Benn (Zawe Ashton) is the worst villain in the entire MCU

The wonders from Nia Dacosta gave us a pretty indigestible potpourri of what that was MCU is responsible for the worst in world cinema. Between the failure of all the characters, the uninteresting story, and the messy storylines, the feature film misses almost everything it tried to do. After an excellent end to the season for… Loki who was what Wonder Although better care was provided in phases 4 and 5, we were once again caught up in the dark failings of the company we cared about Kevin Fig. We will return to this with a long related review.

But the climax undoubtedly remains the villain Kree Dar Bennplayed by Zawe Ashton. Created by Ron March And Ron Lim, Dar Benn was originally a male member of the Empire Kree and appeared in Silver Surfer #53 In 1991. The character is connected to an entire section of the story Kree, between conspiracy and defense of the empire in question. Therefore, there is little interest in officially introducing it into the EU Marvel Cinematic Universe. The wonders decided to reinterpret the character with minorities in mind since she is the actress Zawe Ashtoncompanion of Tom Hiddlestonwho plays the villain… And we probably have the worst written and worst acted villain of all MCU.

After the threat from The one who stays, we are being served a new evil fuse, obsessed with the good of his world, even if it means liquidating others. The general Kree It just seems to be about a small personal vendetta against him Carol Danvers without considering anything else. Stupid and evil writing from a villain who is willing to commit genocide against various peoples for her original goal.

The Miracles – Disney
The Miracles – Disney

A situation that could have been resolved in no time with a conversation between the two Carol Danvers and you. It was served to us like news Thanosbut where the Titan found his mission a truly divine sensation, Dar Benn just wants chaos. Something that is also different: charisma. Where a Hela (Cate Blanchett In Thor: Ragnarok), A Agatha Harkness or a Wanda Maximoff the screen bursts, Dar Benn is ill-served by the production, punctuated by close-ups of her villainous grin to show that she is, in fact, evil. His text is a new way to serve him. Excerpt from our review:

The meanie Kree played by Zawe Ashton is, without context, the worst antagonist of all MCU. Rarely believable, often despite himself funny, the character is as expressive and interesting as a dance. René the mole. And who fakes his version of death Marion Cotillard In The Dark Knight, it is very, very strong. Not to mention the production pays little tribute to him in the fight scenes, which are interspersed with upside-down close-ups Dar Benn what urges” oh, ah, hello“. Congratulations to Dar-Benn, she may have just dethroned the monolithic Malekith the Cursed as the cruelest villain in MCU history.

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