The Marvels: The producer teases the predominant role of Goose

The most famous cat marvel studios. Like Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel or Photonwe will find certain secondary characters of the stable dear to Kevin Feige. Among other things, there will also be The Marvels of Nia DaCosta, character return as Nick Fury (Samuel L.Jackson) Or Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson). Cat Goosewho scratched the eye of Nick Fury in the first film, will also be there.

Often confined to a role of comic foil, the cat had eaten the tesseract in the first film before spitting it out as a post-credits scene. He also appears in the trailer for The Marvels. Through the media Entertainment Weeklythe film’s executive producer, Mary Livranosannounced ” many more Goose in the upcoming sequel.

“Goose is his own person. She is full of surprises and she certainly has a lot in store during this story. »

Seemingly nice cat, Goose is actually a deadly alien with tentacles in its mouth, named Flerken. To see it again, it will be a question of waiting for the release of the feature film, scheduled for November 6, 2023 In France.

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